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Arkansas Concrete Safe Rooms

Concrete Safe Rooms in Arkansas

Are you looking to build a highly versatile, above-ground safe room in the case of a tornado? If so, look no further than Arkansas Storm Shelters, the leading provider of concrete safe rooms in Arkansas.

As the name of your area implies, Tornado Valley is a volatile region where tornados occur on a regular basis. To help ensure that you and those close to you have easy access to optimal safety in an emergency situation, we are proud to offer many options for safe rooms based on your individual needs.

One great option is the concrete safe room. Built from virtually indestructible concrete. Concrete safe rooms are for outside install, or if it is a new building construction. As such, this design is perfect for families, daycare centers, businesses and many other establishments.

Some of the key structural features of the concrete safe room include:

  • 6000 + psi concrete with rebar and fiber-mesh re-enforcement
  • 14 gauge, 250 lb. door with 3 FEMA compliant deadbolts
  • 36 inch door opening for handicap accessibility
  • 4 inch walls and ceilings, weighs 12,000 lbs.
  • 6'2" tall on the inside
  • 8 to 10 person capacity
  • Hilti Anchoring System
  • Great for Families, Daycares or Businesses
  • Installations in: New Construction, Shops, Garages or Outside
  • Concrete slab is necessary for installation
6 X 6 Concrete Safe Room
Concrete pad necessary for installation.

Can be installed: Inside a garage or shop, Outside on an approved pad or in a Hill Side

We design our concrete safe rooms upon the idea that not everyone is able to access an underground shelter in quick yet safe manner. The elderly, young children and those with various mobility devices are especially vulnerable in emergency situations. This means that these individuals need an equally safe – if not more so – place to hide that does not involve a downward climb.

If you would like to install a concrete safe room in Arkansas, please do not hesitate to contact us at Arkansas Storm Shelters to learn more.

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10 year leak-proof warranty on all concrete shelters

20 year craftsmanship warranty on the steel and bolt together safe rooms

Lifetime warranty against leaking and floating on the garage floor shelters

Lifetime warranty from leaking or floating on all Fiberglass shelters

** Total sales price may differ from listed prices due to mileage charges**

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