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Concrete Flat Top Storm Shelters Arkansas

Flat Top Storm Shelter Arkansas

Better Built:

6000-8000 psi concrete creates a smooth finish.

Reinforced with rebar and fiber- mesh.

A waterproofing solvent is added to the concrete mix to ensure a dry shelter.

Walls are 3 inches thick, ceiling and floor are 4 inches thick.

All shelters are 6'2" tall

Better Features:

11 gauge steel door with a 30" wide opening allows convenient access.

The door has a 250 lb Spring assisted system for easy opening and closing.

Features include 3 heavy duty weld-on hinges

3 point locking mechanism with one handle control.

Flat Top Tornado Shelter Arkansas

All shelters come with an 8 inch turbine and a 6 inch intake vent.

Better Access:

Staircase has a handrail and skid tape on steps for safety.

There is a 60 degree angle to the staircase, which is not steep, making entrance and exit safe, quick and easy.

Model Size Occupancy
Standard 5' W x 7' L x 6'2" T 5-8 people

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10 year leak-proof warranty on all concrete shelters

20 year craftsmanship warranty on the steel and bolt together safe rooms

Lifetime warranty against leaking and floating on the garage floor shelters

** Total sales price may differ from listed prices due to mileage charges**

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