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Slope Front Storm Shelters: Concrete

Do you need a place to hide during tornado season in the state of Arkansas? Are you looking for a secure underground storm shelter? If your answer is yes, you have come to the right place!

At Arkansas Storm Shelter, we are proud to offer slope front concrete storm shelters for the safety of you and your family during the areaís most dangerous weather conditions. As one of our most popular styles, our highly durable slope front storm shelter includes the following features:

  • 6000+ psi concrete creates a smooth finish.
  • Reinforced with rebar and fiber mesh materials.
  • Waterproofing solvent is added to the concrete mix to ensure a dry shelter.
  • Walls are 3" thick and ceiling and floors are 4"thick.
  • All shelters are 6'2" high for even your tallest family members.
  • All shelters come with an 8" screened turbine vent and a 6" screened intake vent.

We understand that escaping from a tornado is an extremely stressful situation. As such, the shelterís door and staircase have been designed specifically for easy access and optimal convenience.

The 14-gauge steel door includes a 30" wide opening for convenient access, and a pressurized gas strut for effortless opening and closing. It also features 3 heavy duty hinges with grease fittings to prevent rusting, as well as a specialized safety latch that can be opened from the inside even if the door is padlocked on the outside. The staircase is wide and 64" long, with a secure handrail on each side and skid-proof steps. The most important feature of the staircase is its 60-degree angle, allowing for a safe and easy entrance and exit.

If you live anywhere in Arkansas and would like to learn more about our slope front concrete storm shelter, the experts from Arkansas Storm Shelters are only one call away!

Model Size Occupancy
Mini 5' W x 7' L x 6'2" T 5-8 people
Standard 6' W x 8' L x 6'2" T 8-12 people
Jumbo 7' W x 10' L x 6'2" T 15-20 people

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10 year leak-proof warranty on all concrete shelters

20 year craftsmanship warranty on the steel and bolt together safe rooms

Lifetime warranty against leaking and floating on the garage floor shelters

Lifetime warranty from leaking or floating on all Fiberglass shelters

** Total sales price may differ from listed prices due to mileage charges**

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