Garage Floor Shelters

F-5 Rated Garage Floor Storm Shelters

Garage floor tornado shelters are your ultimate protection during a storm.

We provide comprehensive solutions for storm shelters under garage floors in Arkansas, designed to ensure your and your loved ones' safety and protection. Choose from our in-garage storm shelter options that we will customize to fit your needs. Our garage floor tornado shelters can comfortably accommodate 5-14 people, depending on the selected style.

With our leakproof warranty, your garage storm shelter provides you and your loved ones peace of mind during tornado season.

We only install our garage floor shelters in new construction, and we will work with your builder to ensure proper placement and installation.

  • Designed and constructed to exceed ICC 500 and FEMA standards for storm shelters. Shelters have been impact tested.
  • We coat all shelter exteriors with Cold Tar Epoxy for waterproofing and metal preservation.
  • We offer our Lifetime Leak Proof Warranty.
  • The door to your shelter will be 3 ft. wide and roll back on solid rollers for easy access.
  • Included accessories are handrails, carpeted benches, stairs lined with skid tape, and solid flooring.
  • The body of the shelter is made of 10-gauge steel, and the door is 1/4 inch steel.
  • We paint the inside, door, and top of the shelter with industrial enamel paint; the exterior will be grey.
  • Doors are removable for safety.
  • We provide a "Come-along" and a 3-ton jack to ensure you can always be able to exit the shelter safely and securely.
  • We recommend that shelters be installed in the garage; however, they can be placed anywhere inside the home at the homeowner's discretion.

Model Information

slope front shelter
  • Size
  • 3' W x 7' L x 4'8" T
  • Occupancy
  • 5 - 7 people
slope front shelter
  • Size
  • 5' W x 7' L x 5'4" T
  • Occupancy
  • 10 - 12 people
slope front shelter
  • Size
  • 5' W x 8' L x 5'4" T
  • Occupancy
  • 12 - 14 people

Garage floor tornado shelters are your ultimate protection during a storm. We provide comprehensive solutions for storm shelters under garage floors in Arkansas, designed to ensure your safety and protection. Choose from our range of in garage storm shelter options that can be customized to your needs, with options for housing 5 to 14 people. With a leak proof warranty, your garage storm shelter provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind during tornado season. Interested in a storm shelter for your new build? Speak to us today by calling (479) 967-7233.

Optional Add-On: Change the height of the shelter to 6 foot tall for $750.00

Thank you, Jared for an excellent installation. This is a professional business with a proficient crew. I highly recommend them.

- Chris Ivy

Good service, helped identify the best option and included a site visit to help plan.

- Brian Smart

Jared and his entire team are amazing!! They did ours today and we are very pleased!

- Mistee Jackson Gold

We have loved working with Arkansas Storm Shelters!! From beginning to end, they have been helpful and friendly. The guys just finished the install today and their customer service and execution of the job was excellent!!! They took their time and made sure it was done right. Thanks guys!

- Heather Pratt

I would highly recommend this company.Good experience from start to finish. They were very professional, skilled at their job and cleaned up their work site.

- Amy Brewer

We are very pleased with our shelter, the process, staff and crew, and the excellent and skilled construction.
Thank you AR Storm Shelters.
Hap & Kat Adkins

- Hap Adkins

We had the 6x8 slope top shelter installed this morning. Customer service was top notch, they were even out earlier than expected to get it installed before this weather tonight. Fast install!!

- Kayla Jensen

Friendly staff, quality product, very professional and a 10 year warranty to back it up.

- Brandy Scates

We had a 6x8 sloping put in early Jan 2022 and had a great experience with Arkansas Storm Shelters. We live on top of a rocky hill and Jared tried 3 times before he found the install spot - he did not give up and it was greatly appreciated! The only thing I can offer for constructive criticism, is the stairs are really steep so we had to make a ramp for our dogs, and the customer service was a bit slow on my questions...but they did get back to me after my follow ups. All in all, very satisfied and would recommend.

- Nancy Morgan

Very professional and did a quality job of installing our 7x10 shelter. Was in and out quick, cleaned up after themselves very well. Answered all of our questions! Would absolutely recommend!

- Virginia Lynn Altstatt

Great people to purchase from! We have a 6x6 in our garage that thankfully we have never had to use, but the security of knowing its there means everything to our family. Thanks for the great customer service😁

- Brandee Epperson-Fiori

On time and installation was very professional, if your looking for a good storm shelter we highly recommend this company, We bought the sloped unground shelter with the higher ceilings and gently sloping stairs.
If your looking for a storm shelter I would highly recommend getting the bigger and taller sloped front storm shelter as with the smaller one i could not even stand up in.
If you looking to install a storm shelter I would highly recommend giving this company a chance to see your business.

- Darla Haynes McCoach

GREAT customer service, patiently answered all my questions, respectful of our time, and didn’t tear up our yard during install. Good, honest people who just want you to be safe during a storm. Turn key job; no hidden costs. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Kara Jones

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Standards set by FEMA and the ICC 500 building codes.